Do you have an Employee Benefits Scheme?

Yes. At Gala Coral Interactive we pride ourselves in our employee benefits scheme.
This includes AXA PPP Worldwide Healthcare Cover with the option of family cover and discounted gym membership to a fully equipped gymnasium and spa.

We hold both summer and winter parties and monthly free breakfasts and after-work drinks for all our employees. We also offer discounted rates at many suppliers and corporate exchange rates at various currency exchanges.

Do you provide any Relocation Packages?

We offer a competitive relocation package for people moving to Gibraltar from anywhere in the world. Flights for relocated employees’ and for their dependent families are all paid for including extra baggage.
We organise and pay for the transfer from the airport to nearby accommodation, which we provide free of charge for 3 months.

What are the salaries you offer?

At Gala Coral Interactive we understand that the online gaming industry is a large and very competitive one.
That’s why we make sure that all of our employees are paid on a level that fits with their position and compares favourably with other companies.
Our employee benefits scheme means that certain living costs are significantly reduced as a result of being one of our employees, which should be kept in mind when considering a position with us.

How is your working atmosphere?

We promote an empowered, entrepreneurial, progressive and fast-paced working environment throughout our company. Internal communication is key to efficient business operations, and we focus heavily on it. Employees are expected to behave in an orderly manner, but urged to feel relaxed and at-home. Equality and respect between all of our employees is paramount, and we maintain it in order to work in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

Are there progression opportunities?

We value each and every one of our employees and as such we try to provide progression opportunities to all of them. We value development of both the company and all those working for it. Mutually beneficial relationships are the ones we strive to develop.

What are your working hours?

The majority of our employees begin work at 9am and finish at 6pm, with an hour lunch break somewhere in between generally between 12 noon and 2pm. For the majority of positions, however, these hours are not fixed and some employees choose to come in slightly earlier in the morning and leave slightly earlier later, and vice versa.

Are there schools in your vicinity?

There are a number of prestigious schools within Gibraltar and highly-sought after English-speaking schools nearby over the Spanish border. Information about Gibraltar’s 14 Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools and its College can be found at
Some of the more popular schools over the border in Spain include Sotogrande International School (, Swans International School
(, Aloha College ( and the English International College (

What’s the social life like?

There is a thriving and relaxed social scene in Gibraltar, with bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants throughout the area – and most within walking distance of most of the town.

Gibraltar uses Pounds Sterling as its official currency, however many places also accept Euros, albeit at a slightly higher rate. A 3D cinema, ice skating rink and bowling alley are all easily accessible in the Leisure Centre and have a wholesome, friendly atmosphere perfect for families and individuals alike.

Over the border in Spain small Spanish towns like Puerto Duquesa, Estepona, Casares and Ronda are all easily accessible, and larger cities like Malaga, Seville and Granada are also easy to get to and perfect for a weekend away.

What’s the cost of living like?

The costs of living in Gibraltar can be compared with those in the UK.
Education for children is mostly free, as are a large portion of healthcare and medical treatments.

The lack of VAT on sales in Gibraltar means that tobacco, alcohol and petrol / diesel are significantly cheaper than other places in Europe.

However, due to limited space rent, water and electricity charges are higher than in the UK although that also means transport costs are virtually nothing.

Grocery prices are roughly comparable but further savings can be made by buying some groceries in Spain where the current prices are much lower.
The tax benefits tend to even out with the increased costs of certain other living expenses.

What are the Laws & Taxes like?

The legal system in Gibraltar is based entirely upon the English system, with only minor modifications. More detailed information about Gibraltar’s laws and its legal system can be found at

Gibraltar’s taxation environment is one of the things that make it very attractive to many people.

Not only is there no Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Estate Duty or Value Added Tax (VAT) in Gibraltar, its Income Tax rate is significantly lower than the UK’s as well. Further information about Gibraltar’s tax climate can be found at

Do you offer bonuses?

Yes. We feel that bonuses are an effective and fair method of employee motivation.
Unlike some companies, your bonus is not based on your personal performance but to overall company targets set by the Gala Coral Group. We believe this engenders a team-spirit at Gala Coral Interactive and encourages like-minded team players to focus on delivering results that benefit every staff member.
However, the size of these bonuses varies between positions and this should definitely be kept in mind when considering a position at Gala Interactive.

If you would like more information about Gala Coral Interactive, Gibraltar, or anything else relating to living and working over here, please fill out our contact form and our HR department will get back to you as soon as possible.

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