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CSS Developer

CSS Developer
Tel Aviv
Full Time
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Role Purpose:

The CSS Specialist will be responsible for translating the UX and UI website design wireframes (a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a site) to actual code that will produce visual element. In addition, the CSS Specialist will take significant part in developing the visual aspect of new code components and define code architecture for better UI/UX implementations of the Ladbrokes Coral various web products and applications.
This person will operate within a cross-functional agile team (Development, QA, Scrum and Product Owner) and will be part of planning and implementing product visual requirements in the highest quality, work with the creative team, be assigned with complex visual implementation tasks and troubleshoot errors – all while supporting other team members to meet delivery visual quality targets.

Key Responsibilities:

• Own the entire implementation of the company’s gaming sites’ look and feel, including building and maintaining high traffic website code and HTML, focusing on pixel perfect CSS and HTML implementation.
• Develop new specific features for the Ladbrokes Coral various web and mobile products as defined by the product department which includes planning the HTML and CSS architecture and implementing accordingly.
• Build code in a way that can be re-used across various teams’ codebase, while creating documented libraries that may be distributed across developers.
• Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs in order to determine the appropriate method of production and predict issues and development difficulties.
• Take part in coding the company’s gaming sites’ various visual components. This includes cashier, authentication components, gaming and promotions.
• Take CSS to a higher level by researching and implementing modern techniques, all the while ensuring high level of performance throughout all projects.
• Work closely with creative teams on best implementation practices and feedback on requirements. Carry an ongoing discussion with creative team on how to better deliverables and shorten delivery cycles.
• Support production level front end code and ensure JavaScript and any other programmatic implementation is best served via HTML and CSS.
• Take part in finding troubleshoots website issues and be part of the team in resolving them.
• Support development services including template development, content development, forms, surveys, RSS feeds, search capabilities, web analytics, transaction based services, and Content Management System integration
• Support graphics design services including developing custom website designs and interfaces.

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